Our Board Members

Ryan Christian
Hello, I’m Ryan, Connor’s older brother. As kids, Connor and I sometimes bickered, but we shared an amazing childhood & grew very close - eventually we came to see the world in the same way. Despite the age difference of 7 years between us, sometimes I felt like Connor was my older brother - he taught me so much in our time together. More often than not, he would know better than me how to fix a lawnmower, pick the right fishing bait to use, or tell me what pitch was coming next. Even after passing away, Connor still teaches me: stoicism, strength, & even a bit of faith. Connor and I had many shared dreams: our vision was to explore the West together by skiing and hunting every year. I plan to follow through on those dreams with Connor in mind. I want all brothers to be able to follow their dreams together. With CC2 Forever, I hope that we can help fund brain cancer research and one day ensure that Glioblastoma never takes anyone’s family away again.

Data Engineer with the Business Technology team at William Blair & Co. Investment Management
2017: Graduate of the University of Iowa with a B.B.A. in Finance and Business Analytics.

Paige Christian
Hi, my name is Paige and I’m Connor’s older sister. Growing up, Connor and I were always extremely close. Throughout our childhood, we could often be found playing outside together until the sun went down, and I hold these memories close to me to this day. When my little brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, everyone was obviously extremely scared. But, my brother Ryan and I made a promise to ourselves to try to keep the mood light with Connor, to try our best to keep a smile on his face. Honestly, I was constantly impressed by how brave Connor was throughout the entire process. He never seemed scared to me, even if he really was. Connor was my little brother: he loved ice cream, Kit Kats, playing video games, baseball, hunting, and spending time with our family. He was just like most 18 year old kids, but he was extraordinarily smart, brave, humble, and mature beyond his years. That’s how I’ll always remember him, and I hope that with this foundation, we are able to help individuals like him in some way. I look forward to seeing all that we are able to accomplish! 

Master of Occupational Therapy student at Lewis University
2020: Graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Spiro Voulgaris

Dave Payton
1983: Graduate of St Laurence High School
1987: Graduate of University of IL  ---BA Business Administration
1987 – 1989: Professional Baseball player in the St Louis Cardinals Organization
1989 – Present: CEO Atlas Putty Products Company 2000-2021          
Volunteer Coach for the Illinois (Cangelosi Sparks)---Served as president for 16 years
2009 – Present: Board Member Do It Stevie’s Way 219 Foundation
2021 – Present: Board Member CC2 Forever Foundation
Resident of Orland Park, IL since 1991
Married to Sue for 35 years in October of 2022
Father to Mark (20), Troy (27), and Jack (20)