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Connor Christian.

At the end of June 2021 - less than a month after finishing what would be his final season of baseball, Connor began to experience tingling and numbness in his right foot. When this numbness progressed up his leg, it was originally thought that Connor had nerve damage from a weightlifting injury.

After additional tests and imaging, Connor was told on July 14th that he had a large brain tumor. Connor immediately underwent brain surgery to biopsy the tumor, which was subsequently diagnosed as stage 4 Glioblastoma. Although this news was scary for Connor and everyone involved, Connor kept a positive attitude and was ready to face the challenges ahead. Even after facing grim doctors appointments and the frustration of rapidly losing the use of the right side of his body, he was quietly composed and determined to fight for his life.

Neither Connor nor his family had any way of knowing that Connor’s tumor was growing at an extremely fast rate. Due to complications following his second brain surgery, Connor passed away surrounded by his family on July 30th, 2021 - just over 2 weeks from when he was diagnosed, or around a month after he first noticed any symptoms.

Connor was a dedicated brother, son, athlete, student, teammate and friend to all. With the CC2 Forever Foundation, we strive to honor Connor’s name and keep his spirit alive. We aim to raise Glioblastoma awareness, contribute to research efforts, and award scholarships to those in the LTHS or Cangelosi Sparks community that display similar values to Connor - most important of those being kindness, leadership, humility and maturity.

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